Healthy Snacks While Out And About

Parents of small children inevitably face the question of what healthy snacks are best to take along, should the need arise (and it always does!). Whenever I expect to be out during snack time, I pack a small insulated bag with an ice pack, drinks, snacks, napkins (and hand sanitizer!).

Drinks are toted in Stainless Steel cups. Our drinks of choice are organic milk or watered-down organic juice. We live in a hot place, so I usually pop in an ice cube or two during the summer months.

Over time, a few snacks have emerged as favorites:
  • hummus and crackers
  • organic wheat crackers, solo
  • raisins (sometimes with peanuts mixed in)
  • home-popped popcorn
  • cheese and crackers
  • fresh organic grapes, strawberries or apple slices
  • Health Valley cereal bars - my kids' favorites are the blueberry, strawberry and apple cobbler cereal bars - we plow through boxes of these!
  • home-baked mini muffins (I'll post a few great recipes for these soon)
  • and occasionally as a special treat for afternoon snack, a few cookies (my kids LOVE Health Valley vanilla flavored sandwich cookies - they are ridiculously good)
What are your healthy snacks of choice?

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