Kids Meals without a Side of Plastic

I have almost completely eradicated plastic from my kitchen (except for a few sippies my kids just can't yet part with). Those of you who have small children know this is not easy to do since small children have a tendency to break things. So what do I serve my kids' meals on that won't break? Stainless Steel!

My little ones eat every meal on stainless steel army surplus mess trays - they won't break if dropped, won't trap bacteria, you can cut food up on them, you can put warm items on them without worry of melting plastic, they are dishwasher safe, and they have lots of compartments so I don't hear the "MOMMY! My peas are touching my pasta!!" (accompanied by the theatrical "slump over and die" mime). They take mealtime drinks out of stainless cups and eat with child-sized stainless flatware. On the go, they typically drink from stainless steel sippies and lunch/snack is packed in stainless containers.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice on the mess trays. Thanks!

Johnny D

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