Poll: Would You Install A Wind Turbine On Your Property?

I would LOVE to install a wind turbine.  We live in a fairly windy part of the country and the southern exposure of our home is too small to support a meaningful number of solar panels, so a wind turbine would be great.  But our city won't permit it primarily due to aesthetics (as far as I can tell).

Reading this article today in the New York Times made me realize that many other people might be similarly frustrated.  To get more information, I created a poll and posted it to my site - please stop by and take it.  This poll will be open for one week.


Tania said...

We have a flat roof, so solar is an option for us. The start up is just prohibitive right now...
Ah... money!

EcoMeg said...

The poll is now closed -- 88% of folks said they'd put a wind turbine on their property. The balance indicated it would not be cost effective for them. No one appears concerned about killing birds, noise, safety or "shadow flicker."

Many thanks to everyone who responded!

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