Dad, you're for...

My husband put our 5 year old son to bed tonight.  After books and songs, he bent down to give our son a kiss.  And that's when our son gave him a lengthy explanation about why his Dad can't kiss him anymore.

"Dad, you're for playing in the tree fort and when I stand on the bed and I jump and I'm not looking and then you catch me before I fall, or for doing the "Six Flags" tricks (when Dad spins him around), and for bath time, for playing in the pool..."

And my husband said, "But you let Mommy kiss you all the time."

"Yeah, I do."  And that's all he said.

I know that my husband and I will be different things for both of our children at different times in their lives.  But right now I really enjoy the cuddles.


lululu said...

my boy has started to want me more than his dad. sometimes i feel really good! but feel bad for my husband! :(

Michele said...

Oh my, isn't that something! He sounds adorable, and seems to have what he wants all figured out.. funny.
Yes, I suppose there will come a time when even as mothers we don't rate a kiss or hug in public, whether we have sons or daughters...
I think about that from time to time, and am thankful for the "mom time" she wants from me now.
Great post, as always

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