That's Right: It's A Stainless Steel Straw!

My children LOVE straws and could therefore go through many of those plastic ones every day.  Tired of the waste, uncomfortable with the notion of using them on warm drinks and really uncomfortable with the idea of glass straws, I found these Stainless Steel Straws.  They are AWESOME.

Also check out these wide straws - great for smoothies.


lululu said...

wow, such a wonderfully green product!!!!

Michele said...

Double wow... that's perfct!!
Gotta find me one or two of those.... I go through a ton of plastic ones.

Great find.

ApachesPrincess said...

Wow, how neat! I remember my brother always wanting to use straws when he was younger! Do they wash ok?

EcoMeg said...

Yes, very easy - I clean them immediately after use using warm soapy water. As with any straw, it's easiest to clean them before anything gets stuck-on on the inside.

Chrystal said...

Such a great idea! My daughter loves drinking out of a straw. We have the flip and sip sippy cups (BPA free), but now that she's getting a little older (19 months) she's interested in using a big girl cup. Thanks for the recommendation!

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