Sleep, Or The Lack Thereof

My younger son is not a great sleeper.  This is nothing new to me as my older son wasn't either - not until he started going to school.  Both gave up regular naps at age 2. 

My younger son is now two and a half and still wakes at least once each night.  Well, those were the good old days, before I started potty training two weeks ago.  Now he wakes up more often because he's fearful of having an accident - despite the fact that he still wears a diaper at night.  And then he developed a sinus infection and had even more trouble sleeping.  The past two weeks he has woken more often each night than he did when he was first born.  I am now a zombie.  I know this because when I dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning, I found a big scrape on my foot that I must have received while stumbling to his room the night before.  How could I sleep while in pain? T-I-R-E-D.

So, blogosphere, if I haven't been online much these last few weeks, it's because my brain is now in hibernation mode, saving its power for high level functions like making sure I put one foot in front of the other when I walk.

But his antibiotics kicked in and he's feeling better, so last night he only woke up twice.  I feel like a new person today.  The light at the end of the tunnel: next week, he starts Montessori three mornings a week.  I'm hoping it does for him what it did for my older son!


ZenMom said...

I feel your pain. My little guy's been up every night this week with a stomach bug.

Glad things are on the upswing. Here's to preschool!

Jenny said...

Oh I hope things get better for you soon. It's amazing how we take a full nights sleep for granted!

Michele said...

Oh, Hon... I hope things get back to normal for you soon, for ENTIRELY selfish reasons ~ I've missed you ;)
All kidding aside, I hear ya on the zombie thing. And it's much harder to cope with when they're older and not little babies anymore.

Here's hoping you get lots of sleep soon, and are back to your awesome self soon!!!


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