How To Improve Your Website's Cross-Browser Compatibility

Until today, people using Safari did not see my website in its tidy glory.  Things looked off kilter.  It looked fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but looked pretty terrible in Safari.

Today I navigated to a website called BrowserShots to check my website's look across a whole slew of browsers.  Sure enough, there were other browsers with the same problem.  Someone I know (thanks Lindsay at WyzAnt!) gave me a heads up that there is a simple fix out there to improve cross-browser compatibility.  It comes in the form of a snippet of CSS.  I did a quick Google search and found that CSS snippet at the following website:   PerishablePress.

I use Blogger's Template Designer.  This is located on the Design tab within Blogger Dashboard.  Once in the Template Designer, click the Advanced tab and scroll down.  Click Add CSS and paste the code from PerishablePress there.  Save.  I did this, then went back to Safari to re-check it.  It looked great.

Many thanks to Jeff Starr at PerishablePress!

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